In 2000, Miguel Morales founded M.A.C. Computer Consulting, Inc. for the purpose of assisting Public Housing Agencies and related entities with all their information technology needs. The M.A.C. team has extensive experience in delivering information systems services to various organizations in the public sector.

Miguel Morales, founder and president of M.A.C., has vast knowledge and understanding of information technology, grounded in over 15 years of experience. He served as director of IT for the Miami-Dade Housing Authority and, under the auspices of M.A.C., has been contracted to work for housing organizations in Chicago, IL; Harrisburg, PA; Baltimore, MD; Tampa, FL; Chattanooga, TN; Indianapolis, IN; and Philadelphia, PA. MAC contributed to the Harvard "Public Housing Cost Study" and has provided consulting work to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in the implementation of the final rule (CFR 24 Part 990).

M.A.C specializes in implementing automated solutions for housing authorities using the ECS lib system by creating and implementing user friendly bridges between the ECS database and Microsoft Office suite (Excel and Access). We have developed and implement management, demographic, operational reports for the various housing authority including Chicago Housing Authority, Chattanooga Housing Authority, Memphis Housing Authority and Houston Housing Authority (under Quadel Management Corp). We are experts in building user interfaces between a multivalue database such as Unidata and a windows environment using industry products like Vantage Point, Winlink and our own in-house product Profile. We have vast experience in programming, tuning, maintaining, managing, and operating ECS lib software.

We have implemented PC/Mainframe interfaces for many of our clients including Memphis Housing Authority and Houston Housing Authority under or contract with Quadel Consulting Corp. We have also implemented Visual Basic interfaces for the Salt Lake County Housing Authority.

Our team has assisted several housing authorities including four of the ten largest public housing agencies in the United States. We have assisted agencies in increasing the viability of Information Systems by providing training, creating and implementing disaster/recovery plans, developing IT procedures, and intensive customer support. We provide a comprehensive plan for managing an effective and efficient Information Technology Department.