M.A.C. Computer Consulting, Inc is a firm dedicated to providing the best in information technology and management services to the public housing industry.

We have worked with major public housing agencies across the country, including Chicago, Miami-Dade, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Salt Lake County, and Baltimore, where we have established a proven track record of success.

M.A.C. can assist you with all of your IT staffing and project needs

We are innovative, reliable, and experienced.

  • We understand the importance and challenges 
    of information technology.
  • We help you evaluate, update, and maintain 
    your information systems.
  • We are ready to support you when you need it.



Our clients can always count on M.A.C. to support them when they need it. They feel safe knowing that when M.A.C. is involved, things are under control and being handled the right way.